Below is DigiScrapCafe's custom license.


Terms for products by DigiScrapCafe and ColorMyAgenda are as follows:

Please keep reading further for your rights to the different licenses I provide. I have added new licenses for more flexability for designers, and businesses. It is to your best advantage that you also read each individual license in your purchase files, as you may have further rights than stated here.

Here are the answers to what you CAN and CANNOT do with a personal license. If you are still unclear then please contact me. 

The answers to the following questions are YES

  • Can I use this for personal use?
  • Can I use this in client work? (only a single project)
  • Can I use in my own project/app?
  • Can I use the font or graphics in a logo?

The answers to the following questions are NO

  • Can I resell this item?
  • Can I redistribute this item?
  • Can I share this item?
  • Can I install the fonts/brushes on multiple computers?
  • Can I use this one license for multiple client projects? (You would need to purchase a license for each project)
  • Can I purchase and offer to my customers as my own?
  • Can I include and fonts/brushes with a package I am distributing to my customers?
Here are the answers to what you CAN and CANNOT do with a CU license.


You can use any part of the resale items and sell them under any license you prefer, to your own terms and prices, tailored to your own business concept.


Q: MAY I sell it under CU4CU (PU/SH4/SHO/CU)?

A: yes,  it is up to you which license you sell our resale items under, except you can not pass on the CU4CU rights.

Q: can I change the item or use them as they are?

A: yes, you may change the items, or sell as is in a merged flattened image

Q: can I use the resale art in scrap kits I sell?

A: yes, make kits as well as clusters and any other scrap related product you sell, in any way you want, 'as is' or altered to your needs. You can only use up to 30% of our images as is in one kit.. The only other restriction of our resale license are art prints, posters or canvas prints, you may not sell our images on any POD product or on sites such as Zazzle, Cafe press, etc. (Some exceptions may apply, please contact me if you want to use for POD)

Q: can I make scripts or photoshop actions for sale based on your art

A: yes 

Q: Is it allowed to make brushes and overlays from the resale art and then sell it for commercial use?

A: yes

Q: can I resell a layered template exactly the way you sell it?

A: NO, you may not resell our templates!

Q: Do I have to link to your store?

A: linking your store back on our shop is not necessary, but placing your resellers licence (which you will recieve when you have you have purchased your first product for resale) should be placed in each product you make, along with your own TOU etc.

Q: Do I have to state on my preview that it is your art?

A: The holder of the original copyright ie: ¬©Angela Hobbs, needs to be identifiable on your offer. This needs to be visibly placed either on the preview or description of items, or if that is not possible, then inside your product files, which consist of resale art only.

if you use our resale material for scrap kits or mixed bundles or clusters, we do not require credits on the previews, just add the license jpg or a Credit PDF to the zip files when you prepare them for your store. Links or license numbers are not necessary and need not to be displayed or mentioned anywhere when it comes to resale material used in this way.


Such as resale or other, please read the info on each product,
and refer to the TOU inside each zip file. Some resale items such as limited or exclusive will come with a licence inside, while others may require you to purchase my unlimited CU licence.

Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final.

If for any reason you have a problem, please feel free to contact me at my website email above, or simply join the network website and PM me.