Here are the answers to what you CAN and CANNOT do with a personal license. If you are still unclear then please contact support.

The answers to the following questions are YES

  • Can I use this for personal use?
  • Can I use this in client work? (only a single project)
  • Can I use in my own project/app?
  • Can I use the font or graphics in a logo?

The answers to the following questions are NO

  • Can I resell this item?
  • Can I redistribute this item?
  • Can I share this item?
  • Can I install the fonts/brushes on multiple computers?
  • Can I use this one license for multiple client projects? (You would need to purchase a license for each project)
  • Can I purchase and offer to my customers as my own?
  • Can I include and fonts/brushes with a package I am distributing to my customers?