Shop Guide

The Luvly marketplace is a venue for the sale of your content. 

IMPORTANT: Transactions are between you, the author and the purchaser. This has the legal implication that if you are doing something wrong such as breaching copyright, you, the author are responsible and liable. The consequences of unlawful action can be severe, so please educate yourself.


How do I become an author?


Becoming an author is fairly quick and easy. Once you sign up as a member you upload your files according to the specific instructions below, set your price and fill in your description. Once all of your items have been uploaded, they are reviewed by our Luvly team. Once your item and pricing have been approved according to our marketplace standards, your files are then published in the marketplace. If not approved, the reviewer will provide you with an explanation. In either case you will receive an email regarding the status of your upload.


How do I make money?


Every time an item is sold on the Marketplace has a percentage of the sale price going to the author. The amount is determined by whether the author is selling the item only on Luvly and by how many sales they have had in the past.


All authors are eligible to receive 60% - 80% of every sale. All new authors begin at 60% and as sales add up you will hit all the benchmarks and your commission will increase.


How do I get paid?


Each sale of one of your items will result in an increased earnings balance in your account. Your earnings can be used in the following ways:

At any time you may choose to use your earnings to purchase files on Luvly.

Once your balance has reached $50, you may request a payout to your PayPal account that you specify via your Account page.

Luvly strives to handle all payment requests within a week, usually even within a few days. We think it's important that you as a designer get paid out quickly!


Upload Instructions & Quality Standards


In order for an item to be accepted on Luvly it needs to follow the upload instructions, fulfill our quality standards and file preparation guidelines.

As a general guide, all items require:

  • Item Image: This image serves as both your thumbnail and product image on your product page. (This is the first impression you have on the buyer so make it a good one) The image should be 600px wide. FORMAT: JPG or PNG
  • Gallery Files: This must be uploaded as a zip file (even if there is only one image). These are the images that will be in the gallery on your product page. Feel free to upload multiple images. The image should be 600px wide. FORMAT: ZIP FILE
  • Download Files: The main downloadable zip complete with help instructions and files for buyer download. FORMAT: ZIP FILE
  • Titles: Item titles should be grammatically correct and capitalize the first letter of each word. (e.g., “30 Fabric Textures”) Titles should be descriptive but avoid subjective language (“beautiful” “awesome” etc).
  • Tags: Provide helpful tags to help buyers find your file using search.
  • Characteristics: Here is where you choose what kind of files you have uploaded; Photoshop, Illustrator, JPG, etc. As well, here is where you can indicated which fonts the buyer will need to download for your file, if any.
  • Pricing: As a designer you determine your own price. Luvly does not alter prices, but we can advice you if you please. If you would like to provide your file free of charge please click the “request this file to be free” checkbox. If you do so, please indicate a suggested price of $1 in the box, as it is a required field. (However we will be disregarding that price as you have check the free box).

One of the main technical requirements is that the downloadable ZIP contains files that are as customizable as possible. This may mean keeping all layers in a Photoshop file intact, or providing help documentation. Making files customizable you increase their value to the customer.


Reasons items may not be approved


Occasionally items will be rejected for other reasons. Some of these reasons might be:

  • If the files are corrupted or we suspect it carries a virus.
  • If the item does not meet marketplace quality or aesthetic standards.

How are product prices determined?

As you are the author, we think that you and only you determine the price of your products. Consult us if you need help with pricing your designs.