Below is Blixa6Studios' custom license.

The digital designs by Blixa 6 Studios are intended for personal use. By purchasing my products, you agree to my Policies and Terms of Use. Please review them carefully before completing your order.

DO use the items for:

• Scrapbooking

• Personal website, blog, banner, avatar, shop banner

• Personal business cards and personal branding

• Personal printed media such as invitations, labels, cards (up to 150 copies)

• Physical crafts, clothing and jewelry made and sold by you, not a third party (up to 50 items - and where the design is used as one element incorporated in a larger work, as in a detail in a collage or as background upon which the main aspect of the larger design is presented)

• Tags, labels, stickers for your artwork (not to be resold as is)

But DON'T:
• Sell or share - as is or altered, on any website or elsewhere.

• Share or distribute the files.

• Sell the files as is or altered and / or claim as your own.

• Use the designs to create products for print on demand websites like Cafe Press, Zazzle or Spoonflower
• Use the files to create a logo, banner, avatar, invitation, blog, shop banner, site or any other digital design and sell it to your customers - to do that you will need to purchase the extended commercial license and 'flatten' the artwork in the file.


You may use my art in printed media up to only 150 copies - for your personal use only (ie. your personal wedding invitations, your personal note cards, stickers and other items of this sort that are not sold or re-licensed). You will need to purchase an extended license in order to make more than 150 prints from any set you purchase and for the right to sell products that use my designs .

I am happy to work with you to create a custom solution for commercial production runs exceeding the limits of the Personal Use License. Please contact me with your specific requirements.

Policies and Terms of Use are subject to change without notice.

All copyrights remain with me, Amy Stafford | Blixa 6 Studios.