Below is PoupeesShoope's custom license.

1. - Print on paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, etc.2. - For Your Kits Party printable articles, Cards, Invitations, candy wrappers, etc..,3. - If you include my dolls in your Scraps Kits to sell, you must include the folder that comes with the license with the title of SUGAR DOLLS PU, which specifies that the Sugar Dolls are included in your kit are for PERSONAL USE. I want to protect my work from the RESELLERS. My product is COMMERCIAL TO SELL AS PERSONAL USE..4. - For layouts, tags, QP's.
1. - You can't mutile my dolls, for example, cut my doll's head and use the body of another that I donĀ“t designed, to generate a new clipart2. - Printed or stamped on fabric, shirts, hats, etc.., Because those rights have been bought a trademark and not respect these terms could cause serious problems with them.3. - Resell my dolls in their original kits or individually.4. - Not allowed: Scripts, Actions, Templates shapes, Brushes.5. - Publish them as your own.