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For a limited time only we are offering all of our Brush Packs for a small price of $15, which is a whopping 50% OFF! including the following items below. This offer won't be up long as we really do value the quality of our items, but because we love you so much we are willing to put all of these brushes on offer for a special one time only price.:

You get 3 sets of wonderfully handcrafted brushes, and a set of Fractured Shatter Brushes made in Cinema 4D, but which are equally detailed and beautiful. This totals to a whopping 263 brushes in total, a great addition to your creative resources and will no doubt last you a long time in your professional career.

Act now before we bump up the price to $30, you really dont want to miss out on this amazing pack!

Yours sincerely,

Eddy @ Layerform.com http://www.layerform.com

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