Oliver modern font

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Oliver is a new attractive font is applicable for many occasions in design. Multiple works with contemporary design or many pages of heading-full brochure advert are also applicable for use. Created by the professional group of skilled designers this font may fit in mostly ever idea the creator or digital painter can imagine.

It has neatly oriented and smoothly aligned its own unique style. Consisting of basic English alphabet letters uppercase characters as well as lowercase characters this font have all changes to be default usage font. As visible from preview image this version includes not only the numbers (0-9) also it has multiple stylised and aligned punctuation characters. Generally speaking the number of punctuation characters are much more than preview image. It concise and precious design is like its identity. This edition has many characters inside (list below):



Oliver font © 2018

Version 1.01onsist of:

Black filled letters

Uppercase letters

Lowercase letters (uppercase letters small sized)

Numbers 0-9

Punctuation (fully incorporated)

Special characters and

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