Speedy Cheetah attractive Display Font

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SpeedyCheetah V.2

SpeedyCheetah is the version 2 of the Speedy typeface with a rework in design. As the backbone of the font is still represents similar theme addition and rework was made in the letter’s bodies. Now the design is closer to cheetah style if you take closer look. The vintage style is visible from its structure and letters design. You can use this font for many various design ideas. Please refer to the list of possible uses we have created to help designers with inspiration and add your idea in comments section below.
Your contribution is highly appreciated. Please share this font with friends.

Short list of possible uses for inspiration:

•    Book covers or inside chapters section heading
•    Posters or postcards design
•    Party decorations and congratulation cards 
•    Invitation letters and business envelopes
•    Text headings and graphic themes designs

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